About Us


is an art project by Nigel, that uses new and up cycled garments. Started in 2019 in his bedroom. Fvrdead was the name Nigel used to call the outfits he made and altered. He worked in a skate shop at the time and felt like he wanted to stand out.

The inspiration comes from characters and themes that convey an anti-hero and the idea that death as being the only thing in this life that is guaranteed no matter who you are.

Hence, Fvrdead tries to relay those ideas into the garments and items with the limited resource and time we have on this planet.

Knowing that, all we can do is try and live out our dreams knowing we will be forever dead.


New & Up Cycled Garments.

The industry that Fvrdead presents its items in, is infamous for the part it takes in over consumerism, labor laws and climate crisis. By up cycling garments and limiting the quantity of new garment Fvrdead tries to reduce its negative footprint on the planet.

We are also working on making our “new” products from ocean plastic and recycled waste. An update will be given on the progress.


If you want to contact us leave your info below we will try and get back to you within 48 hours. 

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